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Interested in a Social Media Consultant?

Social media can be a cost effective marketing and sales department tool yet many businesses are slow to utilize it. Before you decide what social needs you have, ask yourself these questions below. They will help me (and you) assess what strategic moves need to be made:

• What are your goals for using social media? This could be brand awareness, increase sales or sales leads. Possibly you are looking for personal branding assistance. This greatly determines the tools necessary to achieve your set goals
• What resources do you have? Will you be doing everything in-house, or will you need to outsource some or all of the work?
• What is your project deadline? Social media takes time, but we can set a date (or dates) to have specific tasks accomplished.


1. Social Media Management

2. Social Media Consulting
• First we will meet via phone or Skype to and assess your needs and talk about my social media consulting in a way that relates to solving your specific problem. This will be a quick meeting to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. This lasts 20 to 40 minutes and gives several ideas and concepts to take away.
• You can choose to simply use that consult and not purchase coaching/consulting etc. If you choose this route, please consider referring me to two other people who may be able to utilize my services.
• If you decide to use my services, understand that social media results can take a long time, and while there are many metrics to track, much of it is intangible at first. Please look at your social strategy as a long term one.
• You may choose to schedule 30-minute sessions, as it is possible to suffer from information overload with longer meetings!

3. Social Media Marketing training, workshops, and seminars
Perhaps you want to train your staff how and why social media is good for business, or set you sales staff up with LinkedIn profiles to help with lead generation. Keep in mind that training specifically for your brand may involve several hours of prep time (assembling and customizing materials). So while you may be interested in a 4 hour workshop, the total time invested could easily be 20-40 hours.

5. Social Media “Starter” Packages
If you intend to take over ownership of your Social Media but have no idea where to start, I can simply set up social media platforms relevant apps already uploaded with 3 months of management, and training for you to take over.

For general media inquiries, consulting, or blog content contributions:



Intern: n/a this term but if you are interested, shoot me an email!

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