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Jessica’s research centers around Social Media Marketing engagement, Brand Loyalty & GenX females. She has been recognized by Hubspot as an innovative professor of digital marketing, she is ranked 28 worldwide on Social Media Marketing Magazines ‘Top Marketing Professors on Twitter’​ . Jessica is a member of the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, and Delta Mu Delta honor society. She also serves as an Editorial Board member of one industry Academic Journal, and an Ad-Hoc reviewer for another. For collaboration inquiries, connect via LinkedIn. Jessica has taught both undergrad & grad level courses in Marketing, including Social Media; has 16 years of field experience in operations, management, sales, & marketing prior to transitioning into Higher Ed. in 2009. Jessica holds a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Marketing. She is originally from New Jersey.

Professional experience can be found here on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in meeting with me for a consultation, please visit the “contact” page.

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter here if you have an interest in Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing as I cover those topics via Twitter for my students and followers. I am a lot more active on Twitter than I am with my blog (for now!). I am also on Instagram, with a little of my personal side showing.

I do want to thank the followers of this blog, my Twitter feed, and Instagram. You have been so encouraging as I made my way through my doctoral program. I started with a 16 month old toddler, full time work, and school. And time flew by (really it did not)…6 years, 21 weeks, and 2 days.

Favorite Quote: “Dance like photos won’t ever be tagged. Love like you’ve never been un-friended. And do it all like there’s no YouTube!”

Random Bucket List Items:

* Get a walk on role on General Hospital. I see me as a Love interest of Sonny’s and/or a professor at PCU teaching Social Media Marketing. Gotta make this happen!
* Serve on a board. ( Checked off April 2014 LoneStar CASA).
* Meet Ice Cube. Yes really.
* Co-author or author a useful book (with humor) on Social Media Marketing for my students.
* Finish my Phd (Checked off May 2017).


First day of Kinder! 2015- This kid motivated me to complete my Phd from age 16mos-7. My #rock !

“Bit.ly” and “#littlemisskittybones” my rescue babies

“Bit.ly” and “#Hashtag” my rescue babies

Princess ClickBait

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author, and do not represent those of Texas A&M University-Commerce or Southern New Hampshire University unless stated explicitly.

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